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angelus2hot [userpic]
Sign-ups are open!
by angelus2hot (angelus2hot)
at July 28th, 2014 (10:44 pm)

Hi everyone!

My name is angelus2hot(angelus for short), it's great to be here. I hope you all have fun!

This year fics will be hosted on the I Will Remember You Collection on AO3. So instead of sending me your completed fics to post you, the author, will post your own fic to the collection. All fics will remain unrevealed until I post the links to the fics at iwry_marathon

If you need an invitation to AO3 let me know and I will give you one.

Sign ups are now open! If you want to join in the I Will Remember You Fiction Marathon 2014 please leave a comment in this post and include some kind of contact info (you can just put LJ pm if you'd rather I use that)

The collection dates for stories are as follows:

21st of October
31st of October

Please state if you have a preference for submission date.

There is no such thing as posting your fic too early.

Here's a quick recap about I Will Remember You Fiction Marathon

We want to post one new story each day during the month of November, but we need your help to provide thirty stories.

Your stories must center around Buffy and Angel, or Buffy and Angelus. Any rating or genre is acceptable, but stories must be completed and standalone. Feel free to ask any questions here or feel free to pm me at any time.

Please won't you join in for thirty days of... "I'll never forget"

Dark Star [userpic]
by Dark Star (scribesds)
at July 6th, 2014 (10:12 pm)
: contemplative

As most of you know, I have hosted IWRY for the last four years, but this year I am passing the baton on to new blood.

IWRY 2014 will be run by the capable hands of angelus2hot

I’m sure you will give her the support you’ve given me, and I just wanted say what a pleasure its been to be part of this wonderful tradition.

B/A forever, my friends.

Have a wonderful Marathon!

Dark Star [userpic]
Important Message
by Dark Star (scribesds)
at July 5th, 2014 (11:57 pm)
: sad

Sadly, I don’t think I’m going to be able to run the annual I Will Remember You Fiction Marathon this year.

It would be such a shame to see it disappear for ever.

Would anybody be interested in taking it on?

librarian2003 [userpic]
One last thank you
by librarian2003 (librarian2003)
at December 6th, 2013 (12:26 am)

Good Morning! Good Evening!

I was (pleasantly) surprised to find that not all the thank you's have been said.

Dark Star definitely kept this one under her hat!

So, a big thank you to snowpuppies for the lovely Participants' Banners that she has made for everyone, individually. They are beautiful, and must have taken ages to do.

They are much appreciated (and definitely so by me!).

Thank you!


librarian2003 [userpic]
IWRY Fic Marathon 2013 - The Day After
by librarian2003 (librarian2003)
at December 1st, 2013 (01:03 pm)

Good morning! Good Evening!

Here we are, at IWRY 2013, plus a day. I think we’ve all had fun. I know I have enjoyed being your host for this year, and I’ve read some great stories. Thank you’s have been said, and we can roll up the bunting.

It isn’t the end, though. It’s never the end for Our Heroes, is it? The links in these LJ entries will continue to work, because they take you to the individual story page, so you can easily find any story you want. Additionally, this year’s crop of stories, together with those of previous years, are archived for you to read as and when you want. You can find them here:

IWRY 2013

Links to previous years are also on that page.

People will almost certainly still continue to visit, so authors, do remember to check back occasionally, or to track your entries.

It’s been a blast, hasn’t it? Will we be back again for next year? I certainly hope so, but that depends on whether we all want another round. Whether you, the authors, are up for it; whether you the readers are still here to do the reading; whether Dark Star is able to take the strain for another year.

My hope is that we can, but that is down to all you out there.

Have a good year, and watch this space next summer for next year’s call.

See you all around, I hope.


librarian2003 [userpic]
IWRY Fic Marathon 2013 – Day Thirty : Jo’s Schism
by librarian2003 (librarian2003)
at November 30th, 2013 (09:13 am)

Good Morning! Good Evening!

It’s Day Thirty of the IWRY Fic Marathon. That means that this is our last story for this year, although I will be back tomorrow to wrap things up.

Today’s story is from me, librarian2003. It is the final story in my ‘The Nature of the Beast’ series, and it’s quite long. I feel that I should apologize to those who have waited a long time for this – but it’s here now. And I should apologize for one other thing. I had intended that this second cycle of stories in the series should be at least as long as the first cycle, but I have cut that ambition short. None of us is getting any younger, and I have lots of other things I want to write. So much to do, so little time! So many stories in this series left untold, but I hope that does not spoil your enjoyment.

For those who haven’t read the previous stories, I hope that this is sufficiently standalone. I have tried to make it so

So, make sure you have a comfy cushion to sit on, with ample supplies of comestibles – a whole picnic basket full – and settle down to enjoy Schism.

Feedback? Yes, please. Please be kind. :~)))))



librarian2003 [userpic]
Not quite the last story yet
by librarian2003 (librarian2003)
at November 30th, 2013 (09:09 am)

It’s the final day of the IWRY Fic Marathon 2013, and we still have one more story for you. I’ll introduce that in a few minutes, but first, before you all slip off into the sunset of this marvellous event, I want to say a few thank you’s.

+ To our authors, without whom there would be no stories, and therefore no event. We have had a wide range of tales this November, with something to surely please everyone.

+ To our readers, who have encouraged each and every author, and hopefully have found enjoyment, and cake, in everything they have read.

+ To the unseen Mike, who, unknown to the rest of us, has patiently provided the coding that allows the site to unfailingly put up one story a day, on the right day, and at the right time. And who will have to come back on 1 December and redo all the coding to stop it doing that, so that we can see the full list of this year’s fiction.

+ To Dark Star. I don’t think any of us understand quite how much this event takes over your life for a large chunk of the year, because the IWRY Fic Marathon is run with such quiet and uncomplaining efficiency. Thank you, Ma’am, for undertaking this mammoth task again.

Who would have thought that even such a wonderful event as this would still be here, in its tenth year? The fact that it is is testimony to everyone who has been willing to give their time and effort freely to make it so.



librarian2003 [userpic]
IWRY Fic Marathon 2013 – Day Twenty Nine : Wren’s Stages
by librarian2003 (librarian2003)
at November 29th, 2013 (09:11 am)

Good Morning! Good Evening!

It’s Day Twenty Nine of the IWRY Fic Marathon. Day Twenty Nine! That means that this is our penultimate story.

Today, we have another, but very different, story about grief, a post-apocalyptic one this time. Our author, Wren, is new to us, which is really good to see. So, comfort blanket, soothing cup of hot chocolate and cream, and a slice of your favourite cake, and settle down for the beautiful Stages.

Feedback is the best welcome an author can get!


librarian2003 [userpic]
IWRY Fic Marathon 2013 – Day Twenty Eight : Zuriel’s Through the Eyes of Grief Immeasurable
by librarian2003 (librarian2003)
at November 28th, 2013 (08:50 am)

Good Morning! Good Evening!

It’s Day Twenty Eight of the IWRY Fic Marathon and there aren’t many more stories to go.

Today, we have a second story from Zuriel, a heart-wrenching story of darkest grief. So, comfort blanket at the ready, a soothing cup of hot chocolate with sprinkles, and a lovely sticky cake, and here’s Through the Eyes of Grief Immeasurable

Feedback is better than the most beautiful cup cake!



librarian2003 [userpic]
IWRY Fic Marathon 2013 – Day Twenty Seven : Dark Star’s Stella’s Place
by librarian2003 (librarian2003)
at November 27th, 2013 (09:13 am)

Good Morning! Good Evening!

It’s Day Twenty Seven of the IWRY Fic Marathon, and we have another treat for you today.

Our story of the day is from Dark Star scribesds, her second of the month, and it’s a great tale, and just a bit saucy.

You know the drill by now – put the kettle on, make a mug of your beverage of choice, break into that new packet of cupcakes, and settle down for Stella’s Place

Feedback? It’s the best way of coaxing new stories out of any author!



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